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Used Cars For Sale In Duluth, GA

Buying a used car may at first sound like a bad idea. There's a big assumption involved here, and that assumption is that the car you're interested in is in good condition and has been properly maintained by the current owner. If you decide to purchase from a private party, you take your chances. However, when you purchase a late model car, truck, or SUV from our dealership, you can rest easy because all our used vehicles have passed multiple inspections before being placed on the sales lot.

Our dealership handles the trade-in and sales of every make and model you can think of, and Nissan models are our specialty. Our used car inventory is constantly changing because of the high volume that passes through our sales lot. This means that the perfect sedan, coupe, or crossover you've been looking for is probably on our dealer lot as you read this. Before deciding to sell your car yourself, consider the benefits of purchasing from us.

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Benefits Of Buying Used Cars

If you purchase a new vehicle, it begins to depreciate the moment you drive it off the dealer lot. This is especially true if you purchase after November or December. The reason is that the car, when bought during the winter or spring, is already considered to be more than six months old. After just six months of driving your new vehicle, it has lost a year's worth of value.

On the other hand, well-maintained used cars depreciate at a slower rate. The best value-to-sales price ratio is realized on vehicles that are between three and five years of age. This means that the sales price is agreeable, and you won't be stuck with an upside-down loan. Your used car will always be worth more than the loan balance.

Used cars are often financed through a bank or other financial institution that also specializes in refinance. You will likely find an interest rate that is comparable to what you would otherwise qualify for if you purchased a new vehicle, but your loan term will be shorter, and qualifying is much easier. Since Nissan cars are known for their high value retention, you'll likely get the best deal purchasing a Nissan model from our dealership rather than negotiating with a private party.

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Quality Used Cars

How do you know that the vehicle you purchase from our dealership is in good condition? First of all, when we take a trade-in, we perform an immediate inspection and check the vehicle's maintenance history. If that history cannot be validated, we perform a second inspection and accurately estimate the value of all major system parts including the engine, brakes, radiator, battery, starter, and tires. This results in a final price tag that you can trust.

Even if the vehicle you choose is being sold with no warranty coverage, you can be confident that any service and maintenance we perform includes the installation of genuine parts. Our mechanics are specially trained in the repair of Nissan vehicles, so your used car is in good hands when you bring it to us for repair or parts replacement.

Buying a used Nissan from a private party can be a real headache, and you don't know just what you're getting for the price paid. On the other hand, buying from us relieves you of that pressure. Contact our dealership today to schedule a test drive, or check out our online inventory pages to find the perfect used Nissan car.

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